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Green Studio

Our Green Studio
We’re all about health and what better way to support it than in a studio that is in harmony with the environment and low energy use; completely nontoxic insulation; radiant floor heat and hot water from solar panels.

We believe in green business and taking care of the environment as a way to improve the quality of life on this planet and the health of all of us. We’re doing our best to do our share by recycling, heating and lighting with as much renewable energy as we possibly can and using non-toxic materials, including the insulation in our building. The majority of our heat is provided by solar panels on our roof, which heat the water, which runs through our radiant floor heating system. We have skylights in our airy, cathedral ceiling studios to provide passive heat and light. Very cozy and warm in the winter, bamboo shades and foliage provide passive cooling in the summer. Please be fragrance free in our environment as some of our clients are exceptionally sensitive.

Ann's Room
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Staff Room
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Our Waiting Room
We have a small lending library of books and videos.
We have a small store where you can purchase cds, dvds and wellness items.
We have complementary hot and cold water with a variety of teas.
We have a couch for the limber and a bench for those who need firm seating.
Our entrance is semi accessible. The walkway consists of sections three to 15 feet long. The steps rise only six inches each from the driveway to the entrance. There are a total of seven steps to the door (pix of walkway) Please let us know if you have special needs. We will do our best to make it accessible for you.

Reactive Triads™
2 Disc DVD

New Harmony Massage 2007
Reactive Triads™ are three elements activated in the body that cause a muscle to switch off resulting in muscle pain, nerve pain, limited range of motion. Integrating lymphatic drainage and jolts, Reactive Triads™ are exceptionally effective in solving chronic pain problems due to muscle imbalance caused by injury, whiplash, repetitive motion and stress.
Note: This DVD set is produced for practioners.
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$42. for online access. See Conscious Anatomy for purchase.

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Our Green Studio

Our Waiting Room