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Spring 2009 Newsletter
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Important Nutritional Information

I went to Kripalu Yoga Center this past February and March and learned some really important nutritional information from John Bagnelo, PhD – Kripalu’s nutritionist. And from Marc Grossman, a behavioral optometrist and acupuncturist with a practice in Rye, NY and website with lots of great information on it, I learned about holistic eye care.

According to John, at this latitude from Oct. to March the sun is not intense enough to provide us with enough vitamin D to sustain us. We need to be taking 5000-10,000 IUs daily during that time of the year. D creates a natural antibiotic in our system, hence because the sun is not intense enough for us to create that antibiotic in our systems, winter time is flu season.

D must be present to properly process calcium in our system. It is also a hormone regulator and can become even more crucial during those change of life times.

Vitamin A, which we typically get a lot of in our American diet, must be present to process D properly. Word to the wise, A is an antioxidant and there are studies that show that taking any antioxidant in supplemental form not made from whole foods can have a neutral to damaging effect. Apparently, antioxidants in such extracted form seat themselves on the DNA kill switch of a cell and keep the cell from dying. So we don’t get renewed healthy replacements, we get proliferation of unhealthy cells.

D can be toxic, so it is smart to know what your D levels are. Check out Daction on the web for an inexpensive way to monitor your vitamin D and also check out Mercola.com for lots of helpful information regarding D and other health information.

Receiving this information about antioxidants and vitamin D was a saving grace for me. I was getting headaches once a month for four days straight. At one point I’d started taking a whole foods supplement of greens and that seemed to help. During the summer I thought I’d conquered the problem. Then winter rolled around and the headaches returned. I went to Kripalu to de-stress and conquer those headaches and learned about D. Voila, problem solved- well, almost. It turned out I needed antibiotics for Lyme Disease as well. I’ve also taken to eating lots of sweet potatoes and yams, and homemade applesauce. John is a proponent of the Paleolithic diet- these food sources give you proverbial bang for your nutritional buck when it comes to intestinal health and getting enough fiber to keep your colon healthy, so are really worth including regularly in your diet.

If you’re interested in a class on colon health please call me for information at 860-599-4533.

Since returning from Marc Grossman’s workshop at Kripalu on eye nutrition, I’ve started to add kale and orange and red peppers to my diet. Those contain primary nutrients needed for eye health – lutein,, taurine, zeaxanthin. Nope, I’d never heard of them either.

I love Kripalu, I thought I knew plenty about nutrition. These guys have kept me up on nutrition I didn’t know I didn’t know. Check out Marc Grossman’s website for more detailed information on wholistic eye care – he’s a great guy too. And check out Daction website for more information on D and an inexpensive way to get your own levels tested and monitored.

E-news tip of the season: for all of you NMR folks out there: When a muscle doesn’t let go as much as it should, find other muscles it is also switching off, then go back and release the muscle for all of them at once- keep checking possible muscles until it really releases a good amount.

Check the diaphragm and jolts when a muscle turns off at odd times.

Happy Health


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