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Winter 2008 Newsletter
E-news will come out once a season. We've made discoveries and have ideas for feeling better and being healthier and more vibrant; we'll be sending those out as well.

Getting Ready for Winter: Breathe

Winter winds are starting to blow; the solstice is creeping up on us. Just as we were getting used to longer days and warmer weather, the days are suddenly shorter.

Winter brings to my mind cozy fires, blankets of snow, hibernation.

Hibernation recalls animals in caves sleeping, the rise and fall of the breath.

Breathing is so important. When we can’t catch our breath, or our breath catches so can’t fully breath, it is quite unpleasant.

Try this if your breath catches: allow the front of your chest to gently and organically respond as you depress your scapula (your shoulder blades) down toward your waist and hold them there, keeping your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears. Do this a few times to fully contract those muscles, then relax without slumping. Relax and allow your rib cage to expand under your armpits; allow your breath to cause your chest to rise and allow your ribs in the back to separate and expand.

If this fails, do some comfortable stretching that your body is asking for and try again. If that fails, try doing some quick vertical stimulation and massage along your sternum (where your ribs come together in the front of your body) and thump your thyroid (just under your throat). Relax and breathe; try depressing your scapula a few more times, exploring how to release the tension holding back your breath. Take as full and deep a breath as you can. Finally, try grabbing your waist and squeezing it, letting your scapula move down your back. This will gently force your chest open and can relax the implicated back muscles (usually the posterior inferior serratus).

Using these little techniques can be a great way to relax just before falling asleep at night- our mini hibernation.
Winter, here we come.

E-news tip of the season: Eat more raw fruits and vegetables even though it’s winter. We evolved eating far more raw food than we do these days. Raw foods have enzymes in them that supplement the enzymes we produce in our gut. We don’t actually produce enough enzymes for proper digestion. Therefore, we need to eat raw in order to properly digest. Eat raw with every meal to keep our digestive system and your colon healthy.

Stay warm!


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