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Summer 2008 Newsletter
E-news will come out once a season. We've made discoveries and have ideas for feeling better and being healthier and more vibrant; we'll be sending those out as well.

Welcome current clients, previous clients, potentially new clients, interested parties and professionals. There are a few topics we’ll cover today. The first regards an exciting new 2 disc DVD of techniques developed by Ann Watkins that is oriented toward professionals in practice and instructors (perhaps someone like yourself or someone you know). Reactive Triads gives the viewer a comprehensive introduction to concepts not seen elsewhere in the world of bodywork. At the end there are directives for further study and information. Ann Watkins, through continued study and application in an evolving practice, has put together what constitutes a Chronic Pain Breakthrough! She and Randy Shepherd integrate Reactive Triads with other techniques to bring you lasting bodywork. Our mission is to improve the quality of life on the planet, one person at a time. Our massage therapy is a terrific adjunct to many other effective therapies for the client or the practitioner. Check out our Store for further information and reviews on the DVD.

Also announcing the completion of our Green Studio. Beautiful airy cathedral ceilings with radiant floor heat and hot water powered by our solar collectors. This keeps costs down and lightens our footprint on the planet. See pictures at Green Studio.

E-news: Tip of the Season: Why S-T-R-E-E-E-T-C-H? Cats and dogs take a good stretch every time they get up. We should too, according to “The Fuzz” clip from a cadaver class video shown to us in Florida at an Upledger Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar that was held in November 2007. Apparently we create cotton-like filaments between our fascia as we sleep. They are initially only as strong as cobwebs in our structure and easily break apart when we yawn and stretch; breaking them apart encourages optimum mobility. But in areas of our body that remain relatively immobile they layer up and become thick and difficult to break apart. So informal stretching that just feels good is paramount to good health, especially in those areas where we tend to seize up. So S-T-R-E-E-E-T-C-H and optimize your health. The best part? It’s free! ?

If anyone knows the name of “The Fuzz” man please remind me; I’d love to pass it along.

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