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Conscious Anatomy

Conscious Anatomy™ is for professional healers and movers of bodies or, for you, if you love the idea of  learning anatomy terms and concepts through blissful flowing movement and  healing your body at the same time.

Ann Watkins, Masters in Dance Movement Therapy, certified in Expressive Arts Therapy, nationally licensed in massage and bodywork, owner of New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Body Work since 1988, is passionate about movement, increasing knowledge, healing herself and offering healing to others, believing those  things bring more harmony to the whole world. She is a Peace Spider spinning her fabric of contemplation for all to participate in. Please join her if you can.

ann mbmsConscious Anatomy™
Changing The Awareness Of The World One Class, One Training At A Time. In Conscious Anatomy™ we feel better after class than when we started.  We become healthier and more vital while we learn the language of anatomy and absorb anatomical terms and concepts through movement. Simultaneously, as we move, we relieve muscle tension with somatic awareness; with energetic attunement, we learn how to make our energy body more tangible so it works for us in our daily lives and careers; and, we open our brains to become sponges for learning anatomy. Experience heightened energetic awareness, decreased tension, track down inner peace, become healthier and more graceful in body mind and spirit and discover ease in learning anatomy and function while healing your body at the same time.  Infuse greater vitality into your life.  You might even discover yourself embarking on a new career path.

Conscious Anatomy™ is a three level pre-requisite course series for Reactive Triads™ Bodywork:  Becoming a bodyworker is NOT a requirement to taking the following trainings:
C.A. Level l: Bones Planes and Directions 1 eight week module
C.A.Level ll: Muscles and Attachments 3 eight week modules where you will discover how muscles fire sequentially with one another as we move and bliss out in the movement at the same time.
C.A. Level lll: Deepen Somatic Awareness and Energetic Attunement and have anatomy at your fingertips.

Interested in body work or perhaps you are already a body worker?
Conscious Anatomy™ builds into Reactive Triads™ Bodywork: a chronic pain breakthrough, engaging three body systems in a form of bodywork that is tremendously effective in reducing or eliminating chronic and acute muscle pain, and is postural corrective.
Level lV: Reactive Triads™ Bodywork: Muscle Testing, Jolts and Pairs
Level V: Reactive Triads™ Bodywork: Muscle Triads Pairs and systems intergration (Basic lymphatic drainage training recommended: Alive and Well, Chickly, Vodder)

Have more questions? Ways to get in touch: Please call 860-599-4533 or e-mail Ann at newharmony@newharmonymassage.com for additional information. To purchase classes, click here and then scroll down.


Reactive Triads


For classes on the West Coast at Alive and Well! (our Alma Mater- in body work) or NeuroKinetic Therapy (our other teacher) please refer to their websites.

Click here to purchase DVD on line access and for more information on classes in Ann Watkins' original work Reactive Triads.

Classes are offered in Anatomy and Muscle Testing as prerequisites for Reactive Triads classes. Please call 860-599-4533 or e-mail or newharmony@newharmonymassage.com for additional information.


We are available to help you build a more effectiveness practice and greater confidence in your work through Supervision. We can be anywhere and still be in touch by phone. We can answer your client questions and provide you with helpful guidance- from solidly building your practice to solving problems you are stumped by in your sessions. We have a very successful practice going on 20+ years with thousands of hours of experience. Talk soon.

1/2 hour $35.00 Call 860-599-4533 or e-mail newharmony@newharmonymassage.com to set up a consultation.
Check out Ann Watkins' DVD Reactive Triads, published in 2006 – solving pain problems that couldn't be solved with my original training.


Movement for BodyMindSpirit™

Movement for BodyMindSpirit has been integrated into Conscious Anatomy™

With the drawing of this love
And the voice of this calling
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
- TS Elliot

May the wind in your soul quicken your heart into discovery from
inner space to outer space. Ann Watkins

MoveYourBody  RelaxYourMind  ExpandYourSpirit

Recent studies show moving in new and creative ways protects against alzheimers and dementia. MBMD improves range of motion, relieves tension, clears the mind, improves circulation, opens and lubricates the joints, lengthens and strengthens muscles, increases energy, brings you to new and surprising creative places and makes life rosier.

Movement for BodyMindSpirit uses breath, sound, resonance, movement, labyrinths, guided meditations, yoga, imagery, Eastern concepts, individual and group movement. 

Ann Watkins MA LMT has studied Modern Dance, Kathak Dance, Rosen Movement, JourneyDance, Let Your Yoga Dance, yoga, is Certified in Expressive Arts Therapy, has a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy and has had a thriving private practice in postural corrective bodywork since 1988.  She has been practicing her original bodywork, a chronic pain break through, Reactive Triads™ since 2001. She plays the flute and has taken workshops in sound with Paul Winter. Her most recent chakra teacher is Anodea Judith. 

Ann's mission is to be a catalyst in life, to introduce you to movement you’ll look forward to. She adores creative movement and loves to introduce others to this very healing form of expression to improve health and well being.  Come co-create more space, greater range of motion, flexibility, lubricate your joints with breath, imagery, sound,  resonance and protect yourself against deterioration of brain function as you age. Feel good in your body, dissolve tension, energize your system and make room for a higher quality of life.

What some folks are saying about Ann’s Movement for Body Mind Spirit classes.


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