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New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Bodywork

Ann Watkins, MA
Licensed Massage Therapist

Honors in Psychology, MA in Dance Movement Therapy, Licensed Ann Watkins, MAMassage Therapist since 1988, published in Massage Magazine. Trained in Lymphatic Drainage; Energy Work: shiatsu, acupressure, polarity; Neuro Muscular Reprogramming/NeuroKinetic Therapy; Developer of Reactive Triads™ -a breakthrough in chronic pain relief (DVD).
LMT # 000393
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Randy Shepherd, CBW
Licensed Massage Therapist

A graduate of Alive and Well! Institute of Conscious BodyWork, in Marin County, Randy Shepherd, CBWCa in 1999. Completed their “Conscious BodyWorker” program with over 600 hours of instruction and hands on training in both structural and energetic approaches.He moved from the San Francisco bay area in July of 1999, and has worked as a bodyworker since that time.
LMT #002742
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We have various FREE sample classes in Conscious Anatomy and meditations in our on-line library available to you for a smidge of your contact information. Boosting Your Creativity and Your Calm (ten minute audio meditation by Ann Watkins) sample classes and other resources are available at the Conscious Anatomysite for your audio and participatory pleasure.



Reactive Triads™ (Neuro) Reactive Triads™ classes coming up. Postural corrective bodywork advanced principals based in NMR/NKT
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Chronic Pain Breakthrough!
Acute and Chronic Pain Relief
Postural Correction
Increased Range of Motion
Mind - Body - Spirit Integration.
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Classes are ongoing
We are available to help you build a more effectiveness practice and greater confidence in your work through Supervision. We can be anywhere and still be in touch by phone. We can answer your client questions and provide you with helpful guidance- from solidly building your practice to solving problems you are stumped by in your sessions. We have a very successful practice going on 20+ years with thousands of hours of experience.
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  Reactive Triads™ 2 Disc DVD
New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Bodywork

Reactive Triads™ are three elements activated in the body that cause a muscle to switch off resulting in muscle pain, nerve pain, limited range of motion. Integrating lymphatic drainage and jolts, Reactive Triads™ are exceptionally effective in solving chronic pain problems due to muscle imbalance caused by injury, whiplash, repetitive motion and stress.
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New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Bodywork Original, advanced postural corrective bodywork principals by Ann Watkins based in NMR/NKT. Reactive Triads™ (Neuro) Reactive Triads™, a breakthrough in chronic pain relief.
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